World Champion New England Patriots

Our World Champion New England Patriots

“Our greatest glory is not in never failing, but in rising up every time we fail.”Ralph Waldo Emerson

On Sunday, February 1st, 114.4 million people tuned in to watch the New England Patriots silence the haunting ghosts of two brutal Super Bowl losses, overwhelming media scrutiny, and a ruthless, defending champion opponent.

Hands down, the two best teams in the NFL made it to the Super Bowl, and the game was one for the ages. It was a dramatic slugfest, with relentless competition that never let up. Not for a second.

And then:

The Patriots overcame a mountain to win this championship, which makes this one that much sweeter. It’s a well-deserved accomplishment for arguably the best QB and coach tandem of all time in Tom Brady and Bill Belichick, and for the entire team (even down to the ball boy!). In the end, their win came down to the biggest defensive play in Super Bowl history: a culmination of great coaching, methodical preparation, and discipline: Those three traits are the biggest difference between the Patriots and most other teams in the NFL. It’s the reason they remain competitive, year after year. It’s the “Patriot Way”. Beating the Seahawks, and arguably one of the greatest defenses ever, gives this championship a special feeling. They were the reigning champs, with a great team overall. Yet, while I have the utmost respect for Pete Carroll, Russell Wilson, and Marshawn “Beast Mode” Lynch, I can’t say the same for Richard Sherman, Doug Baldwin, and Earl Thomas. With their brash, loud trash talk, huge egos, and displays of immaturity, they’re not very likable guys. If we had lost, the replay of Sherman taunting Darrelle Revis and the Pats would have infinitely looped in my head for months to come. Thank God that’s not a reality we have to live. I think Mike Napoli responded best: 

Or was it Julian Edelman? I’ll let you decide:

Nonetheless, the Seahawks have a great team, and a great fanbase, that will keep them competitive for years to come.

Living in New England means that you live and die by your sports teams, especially the Patriots. Sports aren’t just games to us. They’re big parts of our lives and our memories. They’re some of the few times Bostonians can come together and celebrate, rather than acting like “Massholes” to one another (don’t get me started on driving in Massachusetts).

Boston is well on its way to earning a “City of Champions” nickname. We’re talking championships in all 4 major United States sports (football, baseball, hockey and basketball) over the past 15 years.

Quite an impressive feat, and one that us New England fans do not take for granted. While our teams have long and storied histories, we’ve had more than our share of pain and anguish too. I doubt we’ll ever see another run like this. Simply amazing.


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