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We‘re All Experience Designers Now

We‘re all Experience Designers now. Why I am not a Creative Director anymore.

Titles are a currency. They tell the world what you do, how long you’ve done it — and to a certain extent how well you do it.

They also come with baggage, especially in the digital world.

The new economy folks, product developers and start-ups, don’t want a Creative Director. They hear that and think: Right-brained. Temperamental. Expensive Ideas. Awards not ROI.


And the agency creatives hear UXD and think: Too left-brained. We’ll surely suck the air right out of a great campaign idea with methodologies and information architecture. They think we don’t care about “Brand”. And why would they, for god’s sake the title has User in it, like it’s 1982 and Tron is playing in the theaters. #DontKnowLetsA/BTestIt

And neither title makes much sense for how clients need to think about their brands, products and services. There are no walls anymore. Your product is your brand. And your brand is your product. At. Every. Single. Touch-point.

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