Marketing Wisdom Gleaned from INBOUND14

Marketing Wisdom Gleaned from INBOUND14

10,000+ attendees. 5 keynote speakers. Over 170 educational sessions. If you’ve never been to a marketing conference before, let me tell you – INBOUND is one hell of a way to start. The flashing lights and club atmosphere kicking off Tuesday morning were symbolic of the powerful information (and lack of sleep) overload delivered throughout the 3 day conference.

Now that I’ve finally got my head back on (somewhat) straight, I’m excited to share some of my marketing wisdom gleaned from INBOUND14. You’ll laugh, you’ll smile (I hope?) and maybe even learn something along the way.

Simon Sinek

“Great leaders sacrifice numbers to save the people. When push comes to shove, numbers won’t save you. People will.”

While not about marketing directly, Simon’s talk on leadership and the fundamentals of human contact was eye opening. I left my first keynote needing to be a better person – and in the future of inbound marketing, won’t better people be better marketers? Here’s a nice slideshare of Simon’s quotes. And thank you, Simon, for making me put down my cell phone a little bit more often.

Guy Kawasaki

It can feel safe inside the bubble of what works, but in marketing we also have to remember to stay flexible and push the envelope wherever we can. Don’t let your feelings of safety guide you into irrelevance.

Selfie Time


Somehow, Michael talked me into taking a selfie Wednesday morning. The scarier part was finding out my new phone had a “selfie” button. Help. Me.

Malcolm Gladwell

Gladwell helped ease my selfie pain by reinforcing the need for constant innovation. As he said, you need the imagination to understand how to change the world (or even marketing). You can check out all of Malcolm’s quotes on this slideshare too.

Janelle Monae


Like I said, there was plenty of fun going down too! Great concert from Janelle Monae (although watching the crowd try to dance may have been even better). I’ll keep the happy hour and concert stories to myself, to protect the not so innocent.

Brian Halligan

Although we did manage to snag a shot with Brian Halligan! That, my friends, was a team effort.

charity: water


Doing the water walk to support charity: water was awesome too.

I am The Doctor

Apparently, I’ve watched too much Doctor Who.

Marcus Sheridan


By Day 3 of INBOUND14, I was exhausted. Between the commute and everything INBOUND14 related (work hard, play harder!), I hadn’t slept more than 3 hours for days. I had loved the conference and it had rocked my world, but I was ready for a nice warm bed.

Then I walked into Marcus Sheridan’s Inbound Experts session. Turns out INBOUND14 had yet another surprise in store for me. As “The Sales Lion” says:

“When prospects visit our website, do we help solve their problems better than anyone else in the world?”

We call it inbound marketing, but what we do is solve problems for people. And when you’re dealing with people, ALWAYS remember:

Remembering the “Why”

Ultimately, as a marketer, we need to remember why we do this just as much as how we do this. That’s what INBOUND14 did for me, and I have no doubt it will make me a better marketer and a better person in the years to come.

Let the countdown to INBOUND15 begin!


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